Playing the Cards That Were Dealt

Makenna Winkelmann | June 3, 2020

Hi all! I'm excited to start my summer with the Minnesota Beef Council and look forward to making connections and growing my knowledge, passion, and skillset.

I wanted to start with a challenge that we all have been facing. Given the circumstances for this year, I am often reminded of the phrase, "Play the cards you were dealt." I find some of my favorite things being cancelled, including the Minnesota State Fair. The heartbreak that families in the livestock industry are feeling, does not go unnoticed. Emotions are running high and all you can ask is, "why?" 

Life can throw many challenges at you, but it's how you use the challenges to your advantage. I encourage families or anyone who has been directly affected through this to find a way to re-stack the deck in your favor. Although my internship with the Minnesota Beef Council is looking different than anticipated due to state fair being cancelled, I'll be shuffling my deck and playing my cards right for the summer. 

I grew up in Morgan, Minnesota on a Holstein feeder calf operation. My passion for this industry started at the young age of six when my dad purchased me my first bottle calves. From that day forward, I'm pretty sure he couldn't keep me out of the barn. My parents, Lee and Susie, my brothers, Mavrick and Mogen, and last but not least my twin sisters, Mavri and Makay have always been my support system. I can't thank them enough for always supporting me through everything I do. 

I'm currently attending Iowa Lakes Community College with a major in Graphic Design. I'm anticipating graduation in May of 2021. My major has allowed me to tie in my passion for the livestock industry, as well as the promotion of the industry; giving me the best of both worlds. 

The livestock industry has provided me with many opportunities. From showing cattle to being actively involved as a beef ambassador for my local cattlemen's association. I was fortunate enough, by my parents, to be given the opportunity to show cattle. I started out showing dairy steers and eventually moved to beef steers. The connections and friendships I have made are irreplaceable. I will forever be grateful for the experience, friendships and memories that showing livestock brought to me. I started being an ambassador for the local cattlemen's association when I was a freshman in high school. I soon realized that I could advocate for something that I was passionate about, and that I too, had a voice. I continued being a part of the association until I was a senior. I loved being able to advocate for producers and to teach consumers. Which is why I'm looking forward to making relationships with producers and consumers across the state during my time with Minnesota Beef Council. 

In my free time you can find me on a lake, attending cattle shows, or doing different medias of art. I recently have taken on a new endeavor by starting my own design business. I'm starting small and looking forward to growth in years to come. I love that I can use my passion for design in order to help promote other people's businesses. 

I am looking forward to the opportunities that this internship will provide me. It is truly an honor to serve as the Minnesota Beef Council and Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association intern. I can't wait to see what's in store! 

Makenna Winkelmann