local producer promotion program

The Local Producer Promotion Program was created to support producer organizations who are working to build beef demand on the local level. Any local cattle producer organization may request up to $500 per fiscal year for projects directly relating to the promotion of beef. 

To apply for funds in the Local Producer Promotion Program, please review the program guidelines document and complete the online application. Once the requests are received in the Minnesota Beef Council office, they are approved for validity and the applicant will be contacted with approval.

Need resources such as recipes, youth materials, or stickers to help you with your promotion efforts? Please be sure to inquire with our team. We have free resources available! Ask for Jon at 763-479-1011 or visit our Infographic Library.


To learn more about the program guidelines, click the link below.

Program guidelines >

APPLY for funds

Please click the link below to fill out the online form to request funds for your local promotion efforts.


To request the Local Producer Promotions Program form as a hard copy, please notify Jon Dilworth, Director of Industry Relations, at [email protected] or (763) 479-1011.