Beef Checkoff program

The U.S. Congress created the Beef Promotion and Research Act, the Beef Checkoff Program, with passage of the 1985 Farm Bill. Producers approved making the Beef Checkoff Program mandatory in 1988, with 79 percent voting in favor of it. Producers asked the checkoff program be built on these tenets:

  • All producers and importers pay the equivalent of $1/head each and every time a beef animal is sold throughout its lifetime.
  • One-half of the money collected by state beef councils – 50 cents of every dollar – is invested through the beef council in each state.
  • All national checkoff-funded programs are budgeted and evaluated by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, a stand-alone organization of checkoff-paying producer volunteers.
  • Cattlemen’s Beef Board producer members are nominated by producer organizations in their states and appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Beef is Big in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to over 16,000 farmers and ranchers. The beef industry contributes nearly $5 billion to Minnesota's economy. 

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MN Beef Council Annual Report

Styled Middle Meat Cut Mix

The Minnesota Beef Council achieved great results for program activities in 2021. Learn more about specific projects by viewing our Annual Report. 

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Return on Investment

Did you know that every dollar invested in the beef checkoff program, returns $11.20? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Beef Checkoff compliance and private treaty sales. Still have questions? Feel free to contact our office.

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Monthly Remittance Form

Monthly remitters may include  auction markets, order buyers, feedlots, and large scale direct marketers. Monthly remittance forms are due by the 15th of each month. 

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Private treaty FOrm

Cattle owners who are selling directly to other cattle owners or to consumers need to remit the beef checkoff annually through our private treaty form. 

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Redirection form

This “Producer Redirection of Checkoff Assessment Form” must be postmarked by the 15th of the month following the month the cattle were sold and mailed to the appropriate QSBC. 

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