And the Winner Is...!

Kami Schoenfeld | April 2, 2019

Beef. It's What's For Dinner. And Lunch. And Snack.

And we aren't opposed!

I had the privilege of judging the “Innovative Beef Product” Division at the Minnesota Association of Meat Processors Annual Convention as a board member of the Minnesota Beef Council. This is the second time that I have had the opportunity of taste-testing and judging some great new beef creations that can be purchased at local meat markets around Minnesota.  

The "Best of Innovative Beef" Award went to Grand Champion Meats of Foley for their “Pub Cheese and Pretzel Meatballs.” It was a tasty bite-sized smoky meatball filled with cheese and covered in crushed pretzel that would be great in an Air Fryer and served at a party! What a fun food to eat and the taste was a perfect combination! 

For an easy snack that packs a punch for your protein kick, try the “Tangy BBQ Steak Sticks” by McDonald's Meats in Clear Lake, MN - which won the Processed Beef (jerky, sausage, brats, etc.) category. The name describes this convenient snack which is full of flavor. To kick your morning off, the “Steak and Egg Breakfast Burrito Kit” by Big Steer Meats in St. Paul, MN will fill you up. 

This burrito highlights the trend of food kits that help with meal planning convenience! They won the title in the Steak/Roast Category this year. Over the course of the morning, we tasted seventeen beef products that ranged in creativity from doughnuts covered in beef bacon to jalapeno cheddar jerky.  

Overall, your local meat market is full of fun and creative beef products that will help you in meal prep and changing up the menu!