What's the Beef? MBC Board Director: Dave Wulf

Makenna Winkelmann | July 24, 2020

After a quick little break on my series, I geared back up again and traveled to the western part of the state to Minnesota Beef Council Board Director, Dave Wulf, of Morris, MN. 

Dave was actually born and raised about a half a mile from where he lives today, which I don't think many people can say. The Wulf family has always been known for raising cattle. 

Wulf Cattle started out in 1968 with a 150 head cow/calf herd and a 1000 head feedlot. In 1972, they switched strictly to AI (artificial insemination) Limousin and from that point forward, they worked on having a registered purebred herd. Shortly after, they were up to 900 head of cows in about ten years. 

Fast forward to today, they have a 5000 head feedlot and still have interest on the 900 cows that are now mainly housed in Nebraska. They continue to do their annual bull sale in Minnesota and plan to continue with that in years to come. 

During my farm tour, there was one thing that constantly stuck out to me. It was this sign (pictured below). It reads "Be Kind" which is part of Wulf Cattle's beef quality assurance plan in the correct treatment of animals throughout their facilities. These signs are posted in the working facilities and load out areas. 

Dave added, "Not only should this be applied to cattle, but you can apply this to people as well." Which, I think is a great reminder for everyone. 

Dave says that he has always grown up with cattle and loved it. Which led me to ask Dave about some of the rewarding parts of raising cattle. 

I think Dave says it best, "You are feeding the world a premium product whether you lose or make a profit. That gives me an awesome feeling." 

"You are feeding the world a premium product whether you lose or make a profit. That gives me an awesome feeling." - Dave Wulf

It isn't hard to notice when talking with Dave that he has a true passion for the industry, which also includes spending his spare time serving beef. 

About 20 years ago, Dave started serving his infamous Tri-tip sandwiches at the Stevens County Fair through his local cattlemen's association. Dave says, "There is nothing better than me seeing somebody take a bite of a Tri-Tip sandwich and watching their eyes pop open. When my product meets their palette, that gives me a really good feeling." 

"When my product meets their palette that gives me a really good feeling."

If you are in need of a good Tri-Tip recipe, make sure to chat with Dave and he will give you all the tips and tricks to make the perfect Tri-tip! 

As always, our conversation ended with why Dave is proud to be a Minnesota beef farmer. Dave says, "I'm proud to be a Minnesota beef farmer because this is the king of meats, and I'm so happy to be raising it." 

"I'm proud to be a Minnesota beef farmer because this is the king of meats and I'm so happy to be raising it." - Dave Wulf


Don't worry, I didn't forget to include the restaurant stop and what we had for lunch. We headed to "Buddies Bar & Grill" in Hancock, Minnesota. 

Buddies Bar & Grill is a popular stop for the locals and also carries a wide variety of choices on the menu. 

Buddies is known for their Prime Rib, and we just so happened to come on the right day. Their special was a Prime Rib dinner complete with all the fixings including corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a dinner roll. 

The Prime Rib was medium rare (cooked just how I like it) and had great flavor and tenderness. Of course, the rest of the meal was just as awesome as the Prime Rib itself because I myself am a huge mashed potato fan! 

If you're looking to expand your food palette, then I highly recommend stopping at Buddies and trying their prime rib - you WON'T regret it. 

That's it for this week on "What's the Beef?" Join me next week as I venture far north to bring you another face on the MBC Board of Directors and a restaurant stop you'll be sure to want to try!