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A Full House Summer: An Intern's Farewell to the Minnesota Beef Council

Makenna Winkelmann | August 26, 2020

My summer with the Minnesota Beef Council has come to a close, and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities that I was presented with this summer.

As we all know, this summer was unlike any other summer. Which also meant that this internship was not going to be the same. However, I played my cards right for one heck of a summer. 

FAVORITe experiences...everything!

The "What's the Beef?" blog series is something I enjoyed during my time with the beef council. The best part about this blog was still being able to go out and meet new faces, share good beef and help tell the stories of beef producers across the state. 

You would think that since I'm from Minnesota, I would have seen every part of the state... NOT! I was able to see parts of the state that I had not visited before and that added to the overall experience of the blog series for me. 

View of Lake of the Woods

I love to travel. Although sometimes the roads seemed to never end, I enjoyed every minute of it. The scenery was beautiful, and I got to see maybe a bit more wildlife then I would've liked to see on the road sometimes! 


Along with my blog series I was also able to go out and visit meat markets once a month with Royalee. This was something I always looked forward too because I got to learn about the history of each meat market and of course got to try some awesome beef! 

We stopped at Blondie's Butcher Shop in Wanamingo, MN. Owned by Lindsey Loken, this butcher shop is the place to stop if you want some great cuts of meat and love the color pink! 

Retail front of Blondie's Butcher Shop 

Behind the scenes of some filming Royalee and I did with Lindsey.

On our way back from Blondie's we stopped by "Greg's Meats" in Hampton, MN. Unfortunately, the main retail front was closed. But even if the store front is closed the meat vending machine is always open! That's right, a meat vending machine. Greg's is one of the few in the United States that has a meat vending machine. 

So, if you're on the way to the lake and maybe forgot a package of brats, meat sticks for snacks or even summer sausage for sandwiches, Greg's Meats has you covered. 

Greg's Meats 24/7 Meat Vending Machine 

Another stop we made was at Prairie Meats Inc. in Olivia, MN. Owned by Tony Paskewitz, this newly-built butcher shop is complete with great cuts and the housemade seasonings are worth your stop. 

Owner, Tony Paskewitz & Makenna 

Retail front of Prairie Meats; behind you are able to see into the processing sector of the shop.

biggest takeaways

Some of my biggest takeaways were improving my storytelling skills through this blog. At first, I was hesitant in writing and being able to tell a good story. Throughout my time with the Beef Council, I realized that telling stories about something I was passionate about, was easier than I thought. 

I was able to improve my photography skills and learn how to take pictures that go along with the story and relay an emotional connection to the reader when viewing the blog.

One of my favorite pictures, just a mama cow in her natural habitat. 

I can't thank Becky enough for her mentorship and tips throughout my time. She truly gave me the confidence boost I needed when it came to writing and photography. 


Biggest advice? GO FOR IT! It's so easy to place doubt in yourself when doing anything in life. But if you have a passion for anything in life, feed that passion and help it grow. That is exactly what this internship did for me. It helped me grow in my skills and passion for the beef industry. 

The other piece of advice I have, is to never stop setting goals. It can be easy to reach your goals and check them off your list, but it's important to always add more goals. 


You all know I couldn't end this blog without mentioning one of my favorite things! I've come to find out that since taking on being a food blogger and self-proclaimed food connoisseur, I now have a new habit of taking pictures of my food. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing! 

Back in early July, I went on a little vacation and of course that entailed eating some really good food. On the way to the destination we stopped in Green Bay, Wisconsin at "Stadium View Sports Bar & Grill." 

No, it's not in Minnesota but it still has great food and if you're a Packers fan like me, this bar and grill is only a block away from Lambeau Field! 

North Side of Lambeau Field 

I decided to order a "Create you Own Burger." So, I topped my beef patty with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, American cheese, and of course, mayo. Hopefully by now you can tell I'm a big "mayo on my burgers" gal. 

Create you Own Burger 

This was a good choice for someone who maybe doesn't want a burger that is on the menu. The burger was cooked to perfection, all the toppings were fresh and delicious and complimented the overall burger well. 


Well, this is me officially signing off. My summer with the Minnesota Beef Council has finally drawn to a close. I'm thankful for the opportunity to represent Minnesota Beef. 

To everyone I met along the way, thank you for always welcoming me with open arms and the hospitality. To Kelly, Becky, Katie, Allison, Royalee and Karin thank you all for the mentorship that you provided me. I will forever be thankful for the time spent with all of you.  

I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my 2020 summer. It was a pleasure and an honor to serve as the Minnesota Beef Council and Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association intern. 

See you all around!