What's the Beef? MBC Board Director: Dave Marquardt

Makenna Winkelmann | August 21, 2020

This series has reached the final stop for this summer. This week, I met with Minnesota Beef Council Board Director, Dave Marquardt, of Howard Lake, Minnesota. 

Dave grew up across the lake from his current farm place today. He attended school at Ridgewater College and after school moved back to the farm. 

Once Dave moved back to the farm, him and his dad expanded into raising calves. Before Dave returned to the farm, they mostly backgrounded calves. 

Dave is a 2nd generation cattle farmer with hopes that someday one of his five kids will come back to the farm. Dave and his wife, Julie, have five kids: Adam-11, Brant-9, Mark-7, Issac-4, and last but certainly not least, Dena- 1 1/2. So, the house is always buzzing! 

For Dave, one of the most rewarding parts of raising kids on the farm is that "the kids have responsibilities, routine, and gain work ethic." Three things most farm kids aren't raised without! 

"The kids have responsibilities, routine and gain work ethic." - Dave Marquardt 

Dave has 400 head of Holstein steers on hand at all times - anywhere from baby calves to finishing steers. With raising cattle there can be challenges, but there are always rewarding times in this business. Dave says, "when the cattle are healthy and efficient, that's always rewarding to me." 

Dave is proud to be a Minnesota beef farmer because, "We raise a healthy product and do it the right way." 

Dave is the epitome of a father, husband and of course, a cattleman. 

"I'm proud to be a Minnesota beef farmer because we raise a healthy product and do it the right way." - Dave Marquardt 


We traveled about 5 miles north to a top notch restaurant. We ate at the "Uptown Bar and Grill" in Waverly, MN. This place is known for their burgers and boy, do they aim to please. 

The menu has quite the selection of burgers, and I don't think you could go wrong with any choice! 

I decided to go with a burger called the "Hen & Heifer." It's essentially brunch, but on a burger. It comes stacked with a 1/2 lb. beef patty, American cheese, sliced ham and a fried egg. 

I always love a good brunch burger. It's the perfect way to incorporate breakfast into any meal. This was a good choice, and I would recommend to anyone who loves breakfast at any hour of the day! The double patty burger seemed like quite the feat at first, but I ended up finishing it all and was satisfied for the rest of the day. If you aren't feeling up to the challenge, you can request one 1/4 lb. burger. 

Make sure to stop at the Uptown Bar and Grill if you're looking for a great place to satisfy your hunger! 

Well, the blog series is officially over. I have enjoyed my time getting to travel around the state to meet new faces! This probably won't be the last time you hear from me!