MBC Team Winter 2023 16:9

Diving into the State Fair

Bailee Schiefelbein | August 29, 2023

Hello and welcome back to the near end of my blog -- Diving into the Dollar. This week, I'm diving into the project I spent most of my summer working on - State Fair. The "Great Minnesota Get-Together" has nearly 2 million annual attendees mostly from non-agricultural backgrounds.

I learned from my weekend at the fair how essential it is that beef producers are there to promote our product. I enjoyed getting to talk to consumers about different cuts of beef, quality grades, recipes and where to buy beef. Consumers were itching for knowledge, and we were able to answer the questions before they turned to Google where there is wrong information out there.

I liked being able to see agricultural advocacy at such a large scale. I want to note how positive the experience was for our workers. Since the booth is mainly worked by cattle producers from across the state, I think it is important for people to know how positive the majority of consumers were towards the beef product. I think both producers and consumers typically see the negative towards each other because the negative information is easily available. However, I think many workers felt a confidence boost when consumers were telling us how much they love our beef product.

After spending multiple days in the booth, I thought it was intriguing how drawn consumers were to ask Chariman Tom Olson questions because he was wearing his cowboy hat. Consumers were inclined to engage in conversation beyond the Plinko game.

Overall, the Minnesota State Fair is an investment I consider a "can't miss" event for the Minnesota Beef Council. For those still planning on attending the fair here are my tips. Consumers - those in our booth are knowledge about beef, so ask them questions. Any question. We want to hear and answer them. Producers - go in with an open mind and learn from the consumers.