MBC Team Winter 2023 16:9

Dive into Saying Goodbye

Bailee Schiefelbein | September 3, 2023

Hello and welcome to the final blog post. Today, I'm going to wrap up my key takeaways from my summer and what I learned about the dollar.

Discussing the dollar as a whole, one dollar from each sold is used for promotion, education and research to "drive beef demand." This basic definition of the checkoff leads a lot to the imagination for both producers and consumers alike.

First, consumers want to enjoy beef products, but they have questions. It is key that education and research funnel into promotion to improve the image of beef in the minds of consumers. People tend to believe what they see, so if they only see posts from organizations trying to put the beef industry out of business. They will lean towards the negative side. Beef producers need to be out and front promoting the product.

The Minnesota Beef Council takes their task of driving beef demand very seriously. It is important to the board and staff to use each dollar effectively. No dollar goes unchecked, so all investments are done after rounds of research and approval.

I can't be more thankful for my summer with the Minnesota Beef Council. There is something so special about returning home to learn and grow with people you've known. I had so many unique experiences this summer that has only grown my passion for the Minnesota Beef industry.

Thank you for following along on my summer journey to Dive Into the Dollar.