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September 3, 2023

Dive into Saying Goodbye

Hello and welcome to the final blog post. Today, I'm going to wrap up my key takeaways from my summer and what I learned about the dollar. Discussing the dollar as a whole, one dollar from each sold is used for promotion, education and research to "drive beef demand." This bas...

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August 29, 2023

Diving into the State Fair

Hello and welcome back to the near end of my blog -- Diving into the Dollar. This week, I'm diving into the project I spent most of my summer working on - State Fair. The "Great Minnesota Get-Together" has nearly 2 million annual attendees mostly from non-agricultural backgrou...

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August 4, 2023

Dive into FarmFest

Welcome back to another week of Diving into the Dollar. This week I visited FarmFest and learned the ins and outs of producer communication and the difference between the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association and the Minnesota Beef Council. I have attended FarmFest many year...

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July 28, 2023

Dive into the National Level

Welcome back to another week of Diving into the Dollar. This week, I went to sunny San Diego to attend the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Summer Meeting where the national checkoff board meets. I sat in on meetings, met producers from across the country and gained a dee...

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